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Black  Shipping  of  Goods – Shame!

Decree by Frederick VI, King of Denmark etc., Duke of Schleswig, Holstein … as also of Oldenburg etc. by which the  skippers  at  the  Eider  are prohibited to leave the skulls, oars, and poles in their boats at nighttime. Issued Frederiksberg Castle September 16, 1828. Copenhagen, Jens Hostrup Schultz, (1828). Sm. 4to. 3 pp. on double sheet. With L(oco) S(igilli) stamp printed together with royal signature and those of Rothe, Hammerich, Jensen, Höpp + Langheim.

Black Shipping Sep. 16, 1828

Danish-German parallel text. – Issued as “the boats on the Eider are frequently abused at nighttime, allegedly without help and knowledge of the owners,  for  clandestine  shipping  of  goods, and therefore are most highly intent on measures for the prevention of this criminal  curtailment  of  Our customs  revenues”. The progressively set fines shall be used for the local poor relief fund, and the local police authorities shall take action correspondingly “as soon they are informed  by  denunciation  by  the  customs  officers  or by other means”. – On laid paper untrimmed on three sides. – See on black merchandise shipping on  Stör + Eider  also the decrees from 1825 f. per 28,799 + 28,800.

Offer no. 28,803 / EUR  72. (c. US$ 83.) + shipping