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The  Most  Shining  Side  of  Customs

Glückstadt – Poster by Frederick VI, King of Denmark etc., Duke of Schleswig, Holstein … as also of Oldenburg etc. in regard of several  special  tariffs  in reference of, because of suffered  average  or for  winter  quarters, crafts entering the harbor of the town of Glückstadt together with their loads. Issued Copenhagen December 22, 1830. With L(oco) S(igilli) stamp printed together with royal signature as well as those of Sehestedt, Oldenburg, Schleyer, Kirstein, v. Schmidt-Phifeldek and the clerk Malling. – Before: Proclamation of said poster by president, mayor, and council of the town of Glückstadt of January 19, 1831, with simultaneous listing of additional royal privileges. No place & printer, (1831). Sm. folio. 3 pp. on double sheet.

Special Tariffs Dec. 22, 1830Special Tariffs Dec. 22, 1830

Said additional privileges concern “1) that all victuals that  ships  lying  on  the  Elbe  need for their supply with food, as slaughtered livestock, or meat, poultry, barley, flour, vegetables, beer, etc. etc. may be exported  on  oral  notification  at  the  customs  office , without  paying  down  export  duty  probably  due  for  it, only with the limitation that of meat … there may no larger quantity than 400 pound go out in each case“. Not affected by this though “foreign beverages, tobacco, or syrup” which are subject to the usual customs procedure, in case of their unloading the usual  customs  seal  may be dropped, the landed goods then, however, being brought “under proper customs supervision into the  customs  packing  house”.

Proclamation of Special Tariffs Jan. 19, 1831

And “2) that  empty  barges which come from the  Hanover  bank  to Glückstadt to pick up a  doctor , medicine  or foreign goods may be free of the  customs  duty  and  the  paying  of  the  fees  at entering and leaving”. Not benefiting are the “home products (exported) in those barges” which have to be cleared as usual, “customs  fees, however, are not to be paid in those cases anywhere”. – On strong laid paper with two separate watermarks.

Offer no. 28,804 / EUR  118. (c. US$ 149.) + shipping