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The  Abendroth  Copy

as  Family  Heirloom  and

with  23  Mounted  Drawings

by  the  (Great)  Grandson  Arenhold

Exemplaire  enrichi

Cooke, E(dward). W(illiam). Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft. London 18(28-)29. 1 leaf. With incl. etched title & contents (each with vignette)

50  full-page  etchings

in oblong (40) and upright format (c. 3⅜-7⅛ × 6¼-9½ and 6⅜-11⅛ × 5⅝-7⅜ in [8.7-18.2 × 15.9-24 and 16.2-28.2 × 14.2-18.8 cm] resp.) resp. printed by S. H. Hawkins as well as – mounted on the back of 8 plates –

23  pencil  drawings

— thereof  2  watercolored , 8  with  colored  flags —

Arenhold drawings in Cooke

by  Lüder  Arenhold

from 1876-83 (c. 1⅛-4⅛ × 3⅛-6⅜ and, one, 2½ × 1¾ in [30-104 × 78-163 and 64 × 46 mm] resp.), mostly with his written German designation in pencil below. Navy blue sheep leather vol. with silver stamped title on front cover & back, albatross vignette on back cover and lines running around on both covers as well as at the lower edges each the blue series in the front, marine niemeyer in the back inner cover and JayAitchDesign on the back cover, all silver tooled, and blue ribbon as well as still traces of former blue edges. In uniform h. leather slipcase with silver stamped albatross vignette on both covers.

Cooke (The Blue Series)


Dr. Amandus Augustus Abendroth (?)

(1767 Hamburg 1842)

Dr. August Abendroth

(1796 Hamburg 1867)

with the exlibris

A. Abendroth, Dr.

now verso of the front fly-leaf

Lüder Arenhold

(great) grandson of the above

(Soltau 1854 – Kiel 1915)

Lüder Arenhold 1873

his signature with date 1873
on the second front fly-leaf

Cat. Nederl. Scheepvaarts-Museum II, 756; Thieme-Becker VII [1912], 348 f. & AKL XXI [1999], 54. – First edition. – Isolated typographic watermark fragments, among which (WH)ATMAN (18)27 and (18)28 resp. – Besides the designation of the respective type of ship with the exception of the title vignette with Cooke’s varied signature as draughtsman and engraver (just 3 only with his “fec.”) in the plate, partially credit to the publisher, further dates and isolated printer inscriptions.

Originally on the back inner cover, in the course of present rebinding the typographic exlibris “A. Abendroth, Dr.” was moved to the back of the front fly-leaf laminated with the original fly-leaf paper and in such a manner vis-à-vis to Arenhold’s owner’s note on the second fly-leaf. The latter feebly browned, only at the corners more from previous binding. Quite isolated tiniest tears in the white margin backed acid-freely, only two with 1.7 and 2 cm resp. longer and in one case touching the platemark. – Some plates utterly discreetly part-colored particularly in the region of the decorations at head and stern by surely Arenhold.

Cooke, Frigate
A Frigate under all sail
Cooke, HMS Wolf
The Wolf. Brig of War making Signal, & laying to, for a Pilot off Dover
Cooke, East Indiaman
The Thames. East Indiaman. 1424 tons. James Keith Forbes, commander
Cooke, HMS Victory
The Victory (First Rate) 104 guns. In Portsmouth Harbour 1828

Containing besides ships-of-the-line of various classes – including Nelson’s Victory – and frigates also East and West Indiamen ,

George Vancouver’s Discovery

in her final use as convict ship in Deptford – erroneously designated as James Cook’s ship – , interesting maneuvers like the brig with braced back sails signaling the pilot or the unloading of a collier , early steamboats – including the side-wheelers Rapid & United Kingdom – , The Stationer’s Barge as well as mud dredger and sheer hulk , foremost yet a plenty of coastal sailing boats common in North and Baltic Seas , including hay & canal barges and oyster boats as well as – especially rich & decorative – Scotch smacks , a Prussian snow , Dutch galliots & schuyts .

Cooke, Cowes Boat
Cowes Boat coming out of the Harbour

Cooke (Pentonville, London, 1811 – Groombridge, Sussex, 1888) copied already as a child in the workshop of his father George C. engravings from Barr’s Buffon and woodcuts by Bewick and drew as nine-years-old plants from nature for Loudon’s Encyclopedia of Gardening onto the wood block. Together with the father drawing and engraving of the color (!) plates for the Botanical Cabinet by Loddiges (1817-30) and

“ From 1828 engravings of shipping sujets of the Thames and the SE coast of England; these are published without text as (present) Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft … From 1834 he paints in oil sailing ships accurate in every detail, especially small fishing boats from all countries he visits … Among marine painters C. is considered

specialist  for  studies  near  the  beach  and coast …

As extraordinary draughtsman he recorded the structure of all natural and man-made things, from cliffs up to schooners; especially the boats and equipment of the poor fishermen he portrayed with almost ethnographic meticulosity ”

(John Munday in Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon).

Cooke, Smack - Schooner - Barge
Fishing Smack – Schooner – Sloop-rigged Barge

A second edition of his Shipping and Craft, enlarged by 15 plates with coastal views from own design in the region of Cromer published separately about 1826 and 1830 resp., was published 1831.

Arenhold , initially naval officer and as such i. a. come to South America and China, took his leave as lieutenant-commander in 1881

to  turn  completely  towards  marine  painting .

After studies with Heinrich Leitner (Vienna 1842 – Hamburg 1913) and Franz Johann Wilhelm Hünten (1822 Hamburg 1887) in Hamburg as well as Hans Gude (Christiania 1825 – Berlin 1903) in Berlin Arenhold settles down in Kiel in 1887, where he, himself owner of a sailing yacht, belongs to the founding members of the Naval Regatta Association, from which four years later the Imperial Yachting Club emerges and for whose almanac Arenhold provides the illustrations:

Arenhold, Bay of Biscay 1876
Lüder Arenhold, In the Bay of Biscay 1876

“ Painted in oil with preference ships of the German fleet and historical naval pictures in which chiefly

the  accurate  representation

of  the  technical  peculiarities  of  the  ships  interest  him .

The ships are represented as his essential subjects mostly from the side at smooth or slightly moved sea. A.’s painting reveals an

exact  painterly  treatment  in  the  representation

of  geographical  particularities  of  the  coasts , the  water ,

the  light , and  the  sky ”

(Johann Schlick in Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon, vol. V [1992], p. 4).

Arenhold, American Full-rigged ship signaling a pilot
Lüder Arenhold, American Full-rigged ship signaling a pilot

Present  works  on waste paper occasionally with typography shining through – including German gunboat , American full-rigged ship signaling a pilot ([18]77) , Turkish iron-clad frigate ([18]79) , Russian trade steamer (1878) , French gunboat (78) , “Jäger” (18/12 83) , In the Bay of Biscay. 1876 , French ship of the line , “Arminius” , Hamelin (76) , the Brazilian bark Altamarava (?; 76) , “Vineta” 5th Jan. 1877 weighing propeller , German iron-clad corvette , cutter yacht, cutter yacht under sail , French transporter (Singapore) , frigate (overlapping the following in the marginal area without uniting with this) , tea clipper / yacht , yacht / schooner , English clipper “Hereford” – yet

from  the  early  period

as still active naval officer before the final turn towards marine painting and in such a manner

of  quite  special  charm .

United moreover with Cooke’s Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft, certainly serving both as inspiration and model, to a quite personal

Arenhold, ZeichnungenArenhold, Zeichnungen
Lüder Arenhold, Drawings

“exemplaire  enrichi :

grangerized book”, as proverbial own group of the extra set-up :

“ The collector of the exemplaire enrichi … adds mss. by the author , drawings , pictures of the same content from other works … among other things ,

to  document  the  creation …

Done moderately, each of these kinds of completion of the print has its high value for future research ”

(Hans Bohatta in Löffler-Kirchner, Lexikon des gesamten Buchwesens, I [1935], 512).

Cooke, United Kingdom
The United Kingdom (Edinburgh), Steam Vessel

From  prior  possession  of  Dr. August Abendroth  the  latest , eldest son of Dr. Amandus Augustus A. (1767 Hamburg 1842), prominent as magistrate of Ritzebüttel and founder of the seaside resort Cuxhaven (1816) as well as – from 1831 – mayor of Hamburg, and like this jurist, who on his part “distinguished himself by art loving, charity, and patriotic civic sense” (Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie I, 19). So 1822 he belonged to the 30 founding members of the art society Hamburg and later to the sponsors of the Art Gallery Hamburg. However, as merchant Abendroth bought and developed today’s ward Uhlenhorst, where the Auguststraße reminds of him till today, and engaged himself substantially in initiation, building, and running of the Hamburg-Berlin railroad. His widow bequeathed a part of his private book collection to the public library,

present  copy  yet  was  passed  on  within  the  family

and  descended  1873  to  the  (great)  grandson  Lüder  Arenhold ,

who as later naval officer continued the active affinity to the sea. For already the mayor’s second son, Ernst Abendroth, 1826 owner and skipper of the Mathilde built by Ehlers & Feuerherd in the Danish Aabenraa, sailed to South America several times (so Mrs. Astrid Herbig, who is given thanks here, too).

Yet beside the affinity to the sea there also was that to the arts and books – already the procurator Abraham August A. (1727-1786) had assembled in ten folios a 1300-sheet map collection of all regions – coming naturally to the Abendroths. Which ultimately dominated with the (great) grandson. And had him swap the blue coat of the naval officer with the white coat of the marine painter. Nurturing at that the love for the particular. Which had him cultivating the copy at hand, molding it into a precious

exemplaire enrichi.

In grateful memory of not least his great Hamburg ancestors.

Offer no. 29,041 / price on application

Arenhold Drawings ►
  1. German Gunboat. (71 x 129 mm)
  2. American Full-rigged Ship signaling for a Pilot (18)77. (84 x 147 mm)
  3. (full-rigged ship & bark off coast) (18)82. (78 x 151 mm)
  4. Turkish Iron-clad Frigate (18)79. (55 x 106 mm)
  5. Russian Trade Steamer 1878. (61 x 104 mm)

Arenhold, French Gunboat
Lüder Arenhold, French Gunboat

  1. French Gunboat (18)78. (48 x 104 mm)
  2. (Topsail Schooner with Propeller Drive and Gun) (54 x 105 cm)
  3. “Jäger” 10/12 (18)83. (80 x 119 mm)
  4. In the Bay of Biscay. 1876. (104 x 163 mm)
  5. French Ship of the Line (68 x 105 mm)
  6. “Arminius” (29 x 81 mm)
  7. “Hamelin” (18)76. (49 x 97 mm)

Arenhold, Altamarava
Lüder Arenhold, “Altamarava”

  1. “Altamarava” (18)76. (66 x 78 mm)
  2. “Vineta” 5th Jan. 1877 weighing Propeller (61 x 99 mm)
  3. German Iron-clad Corvette (38 x 102 mm)
  4. (Sailing Yacht from front) (64 x 46 mm)
  5. Cutter Yacht (84 x 143 mm)
  6. Cutter Yacht under Sail (84 x 144 mm)
  7. French Transporter (Singapore) (46 x 90 mm)
  8. … Frigate (78 x 151 mm)
  9. Tea Clipper / Yacht (78 x 150 mm)
  10. Yacht / Schooner (66 x 117 mm)
  11. English Clipper “Hereford” … (65 x 123 mm)
Cooke Etchings ►
  1. Title Page. Ship Building (25 x 18.8 cm)
  2. Barges (Battersea) (16.8 x 20.8 cm)
  3. Colliers. Steamer &c. (14.1 x 20.9 cm)

Cooke, Dutch Schuyt
Dutch Schuyt &c, Blackwell Reach

  1. Dutch Galliots (16.7 x 20.9 cm)
  2. Group of Anchors &c. (16.9 x 21 cm)
  3. Scotch Smacks (Thames) (20.8 x 16.9 cm)
  4. Brig of War (Dover) (17 x 20.9 cm)
  5. Sailing Barges (Rotherhithe) (17 x 20.9 cm)
  6. Peter Boats (17 x 21.1 cm)
  7. Oyster Boats (Billingsgate) (16.3 x 20.5 cm)
  8. Prussian Snow (Thames) (20.4 x 16.4 cm)
  9. Schooner. Barge. Smack &c (Greenwich) (8.7 x 16.6 cm)
  10. Collier discharging (Thames) (16.5 x 20.7 cm)
  11. Dutch Boats. Tacking (Margate) (14 x 21.7 cm)
  12. Barque free trader (London Docks) (16.8 x 20.8 cm)
  13. Hay Barges (Waterloo Bridge) (11.4 x 17.5 cm)
  14. Round Stern of the Asia 84 (16.9 x 21 cm)

Cooke, Mud Dredger
Mud Dredger for deepening Portsmouth Harbour

  1. Mud Dredger. &c. (Portsmouth Harbr.) (16.6 x 20.8 cm)
  2. The Victory. First Rate. 104 Gs. (Do.) (16.8 x 20.8 cm)
  3. Schooner & Smack ( Fresh Wharf) (16.7 x 20.8 cm)
  4. Brig of War’s Carronade (16.9 x 21 cm)
  5. Hatch-Boat (double reefed) (Gravesend) (16.9 x 20.9 cm)
  6. The Prince. First Rate. 110 guns (Portmouth Harbr.) (22.8 x 17.9 cm)
  7. A Seventy Four. Frigate &c. (Spithead) (16.9 x 20.8 cm)
  8. Canal Boats. Barge &c. (Nine Elms) (16.5 x 20.3 cm)
  9. Fishing Boat on the beach (16.2 x 14.2 cm)
  10. Prison Ship. The York. (Portsmouth Harbr.) (16.2 x 23.8 cm)
  11. Fishing Smack &c. (Calshot Castle) (16.6 x 20.1 cm)
  12. West Indiaman. The Thetis. (Needles. I. of Wight) (18.2 x 20.9 cm)
  13. Cobles. on the beach (Great Yarmouth) (12.2 x 15.9 cm)
  14. Frigate under all sail (17 x 20.8 cm)
  15. Skiff &c. West India Docks (Blackwall) (11.3 x 17.3 cm)

Cooke, Sheer Hulk
Sheer-Hulk in Portsmouth Harbour

  1. Sheer Hulk (Portsmouth Harbr.) (17.6 x 17.3 cm)
  2. Dutch Galliot. Unloading (Gt. Yarmouth) (22.7 x 17.9 cm)
  3. Collier &c. (calm) (Greenwich) (14.8 x 20.2 cm)
  4. Discovery. Convict Ship (Deptford) (16.5 x 20.2 cm)
  5. Barge. Going before the Wind (Northfleet) (11 x 16.4 cm)
  6. Fishing Boat arrived (18.1 x 14.6 cm)
  7. East Indiaman. The Thames. (Channel) (16.5 x 20.3 cm)
  8. Cowes Fishing Boat (Cowes. I. of Wight) (12.6 x 16.5 cm)
  9. Lobster Boats (Cromer) (15 x 20.3 cm)
  10. Dutch Schuyt &c. (Blackwall Reach) (15.1 x 20.2 cm)
  11. Herring Boat at the quay (Gt. Yarmouth) (20.1 x 17 cm)
  12. United Kingdom. Steam Vessel. (Greenwich) (15.1 x 20.1 cm)
  13. Fishing Boats (Brighton) (16.4 x 24 cm)

Cooke, Stationer's Barge
The Stationer’s Barge

  1. The Stationer’s Barge (Sion House) (13.8 x 17.8 cm)
  2. Lugger on the beach (Brighton) (16.9 x 22 cm)
  3. Thames Wherries (Richmond) (13.3 x 20.2 cm)
  4. A Seventy Four lying in ordinary (Medway) (17.5 x 22.7 cm)
  5. List of Plates. With vignette (25.2 x 18.7 cm)

Cooke, Anchors
Anchors &c.