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Jordan, Rudolf (Berlin 1810 – Dusseldorf 1887). The Pilot Examination. Toned lithograph by Paul Rohrbach (1817 – Berlin after 1862) for C. G. Lüderitz, Berlin. Inscribed: Gemalt von R. Jordan. / Druck v. Louis Zoellner in Berlin. / Lithogr. von Rohrbach, otherwise in German as above. 40.2 x 46.1 cm (subject size 31.3 x 42.8 cm).

Nagler, Monogramists V, 3678; Boetticher 15. – With oval drystamp C. G. Lüderitz between the picture’s piping & caption. – At the lower right corner within the fourfold piping around the subject small collection stamp with monogram below crown.

Then in the possession of sculptor Louis Sußmann-Hellborn (1828 Berlin 1908) and reproduced repeatedly – also by Jordan himself – in engraving & lithography, the painting of 1842 is present here in the rendering by the Berlin lithographer Rohrbach not least renown for his portraits (“yet mostly he reproduced modern paintings, especially paintings by … Jordan …”, Boetticher).

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